Mr & Mrs Smith box


Mr & Mrs Smith box

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Mr & Mrs Smith: a mythical couple of cinema!

Let your heart speak and offer this special jewelery box! Declare your feelings with a discreet and romantic engraving. Your loved one will appreciate this delicate attention. Surprise the one you love with this duet set! This special Valentine gift box includes a leather bracelet for Lady and a leather bracelet for Mr. Personalize this jewelry duo according to your wishes and make it unique! Word of love, first names, initials, date of meeting, date of marriage or even sweet nicknames ... Feel free to personalize your jewels!

1. The Mottled black - leather strap woman

Material: Steel, Leather, Mottled cord.

clasp size: 1.18"x 0.19"

Bracelet size: 6.88" (double wrap)

We stongly recommend to check your wrist size before ordering.

2. Black Mix - Men's Leather Strap

Material: Steel, Leather and rope

clasp size: 1.18"x 0.39"

Bracelet size: 7.87"- 8.26" (double turn)

3. Gift box

Composition of the box: 2 Pouches Jewels in cotton -1 Rigid gift box - 1 handbag.

CAD$ 117.00

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